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Hi everyone, thank you for coming to my blog. This is my first post so I want to take a moment to introduce myself and my purpose. My name is Daniel Zeiss, currently, I live in the northern part of Germany. I am passionate about growing my own vegetables, working with horses, and my lovely two daughters and wife.​

You may be wondering about my background and how I came to be a Transformation Coach. In my school days, I was very active in horseback riding, water sports, and Taekwon-Do, where I earned the 1st Dan black belt. I also discovered my talent for setting up computer networks with my logical thinking. I enrolled in medical school where I spent my spare time working in the university computer lab, learning about global and wide-area informatics. I also developed a strong interest in finding the root cause of an illness which was rare in my study of western medicine.

As a licensed medical doctor who worked in medical departments such as general surgery and internal medicine, along with my specialty in occupational medicine, I see and appreciate the value of regular medicine in everyday life. However, I also recognized how it is failing many people. This awareness became the inspiration for my quest to find more answers to life and the reason for our being.

Even with my awareness, it was my demanding career filled with stress and anxiety that finally led to my rapid fall but on the contrary this also eventually led to my awakening. Months before my awakening I felt completely down in the dumps. I wished for help and a solution to bring me back to life. My highly educated brain was unable to compute a way out my downward spiral. Due to the severity of the situation, my first manifestation of being conscious took place in the form of a healer. My healer opened the door for me to begin helping myself and introduced me to spirituality. I started to learn about a completely different part of life, which I had painfully ignored since childhood. This enabled me to see beyond current beliefs and opened my awareness for the gifts I had brought to this life.​

On this path, I rediscovered how to help people gently release and resolve old emotional injuries and stress while doing it for myself. My mission is to show people how to feel free and well and how to really live und experience their own life.

In my philosophy, living a blissful life is our birthright. Our parents and society did not show us that this was possible. As a result, our true identity is modified by challenges we experienced in our childhood. We do not have to live our lives in pain because of or past emotional injuries, stress or abuse. My passion is showing you how to help yourself, and I am incredibly excited to share that with you.

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