How to Make Yourself Available for Miracles and Why They Aren’t Happening Yet

Sometimes we find ourself stuck in a place where we don’t feel good and desire one thing that we believe will make us feel better. We convince ourself that we can not even live without this one thing.

Thoughts will start circling in our heads: “How can I achieve this?”, “How can I have this one thing?”

Have you been in this situation?

If the answer is yes, do you remember what your personal solution in this situation was? Perhaps you attempted reaching your goal but made no progress.

You were basically longing for something that wasn’t in your life before and and essentially hoped for a miracle.

We hear stories about miracles all of the time. We hear about them happening to friends of friends. We read about them on our social media updates. Other people’s miracles are in our face; a miracle healing from cancer, someone getting their dream job, a couple having a child, etc. Miracles somehow still have a mystic unexplainable notion to them and seem to happen to others. You might ask, “why hasn’t a miracle happened in my life”?

The answer is simple: You are not available for a miracle.

To test yourself you take a piece of paper and a pen and then write down the miracle you wish for. Then clear your head and write down whatever comes into your mind regarding this miracle.

***Please stop reading here and continue after finishing that exercise.***


Now review what you wrote down. Take a different colored pen and write a “+” for all positive things you wrote about that topic. Then write a “-” for all the negative thoughts about that topic.

How many positive thoughts and how many negative thoughts did you write down?

Now imagine a very old wise man / woman, who had the power to make everything come true if you hand them the piece of paper you just wrote on. Would they feel good about granting you that miracle? Or would they doubt about making it happen due to all of the negative associations related to your miracle?

If you have doubts or feel unsure about that you want, then you know that you are not yet available for a miracle….

The good news is that you can make yourself available for it. The reason why you have so many doubts in your mind about that miracle is emotional blocks, injuries and stress that puts you in an alert mode. This alert mode, also known as a survival mode, doesn’t allow you to be open and receive miracles from the universe. One mechanism of this mode is to see all of the negative things associated with what you want. While this somehow ensures survival, it doesn’t allow you to live a healthy, positive life. With love, compassion and acceptance we can work on emotional blocks, injuries and stress to help you reduce negative thoughts and allow ourselves to be open to miracles. You can do this alone with a lot of discipline, you can read self help books, or you can also hire a coach to guide you.

In the meantime, just know that your miracle is waiting to happen, as soon as you are ready.

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