The quiet mind

Remember a moment in your life, when everything around you was quiet. Well, actually you can do this right now too. Just find a quiet place and close your eyes.

What is happening?

Do you hear anything? No? – good you are in a quiet place.

Do you see anything? No? – good you have closed your eyes 😉

Do you smell anything? No? – perfect, well actually it doesn’t really matter right now.

Do you feel your body? Yes? – Nice!

Do you have thoughts? Yes?

Are these thoughts positive, negative, or neutral?

Can you stop having these thoughts?


Even though you are in a quiet place and you are trying to relax, your mind is very active and will not easily stop being that active. We are so used to it. So you might not have even noticed before you read this post. You might believe that this is the norm because you have always had this and you know that our parents and friends have it too because you might have shared your experience. Actually, I believe it is not normal. Just because many people have it, doesn’t make it normal, it just makes it a common thing. I have experienced how life without these thoughts is, how beautiful the quiet can be, and how free thoughts – that you want to have – can flow. Perhaps you have heard that one needs to do many years of meditation to reach such a state of a calm and quiet mind.

For me it was different. It just took 3 sessions, each about 2 hours long, and then my mind was quiet.

What are your thoughts about it? Curious?

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