Understand why vaccinations are not the only solution to infectious diseases.

In 100 years, people will very likely look at us and our decisions and shake their heads about our barbaric mindset.

Vaccinations were great when they were discovered. But too little research has been done to really understand how our body works and how we can make better vaccines that can be tolerated very well. Instead, we are using the old knowledge and techniques repeatedly to boost the pharmaceutical companies’ return on investment. Today they are not only thinking but creating mRNA-based vaccines. It is celebrated as a big advancement. Possibly they are going to be used against COVID-19 as well. 🤦🏼‍♂️ While with smartphones usually, the latest product is better, we need lots of time and testing to make sure it is safe in medicine and health. Most of our politicians don’t understand this and follow the same paradigm of the latest being the best. Sorry, you fall for this. Of course, you will gather a lot of data poising a whole population this way. And countries like Denmark even make them mandatory. Please, people, wake up. mRNA-based vaccines are genetic vaccines. You don’t want to eat GMO foods, but you might consider a genetic vaccine to feel safe? Please do your own research, and start by watching this video.

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