Fear and Rational/human thinking

Fear has taken over the world. Rational and human thinking has decreased a lot. The exciting thing is that people do not recognize their fear and think that they think logically. Just an outside observer can see through this fear with the tool of comparison.

There are so many things that went wrong in the last weeks. The statistics are incomplete. Mass media reporting on stuff that is supposed to create fear and keep people sticking to the screens. Freedom and restrictions because of ”scientific” interpolations and not facts. There have been plans for a pandemic, and these plans have never been tested and were made for a pandemic, which will kill more than 20% of the population. Currently, it seems that COVID19 does not do this. Yes, it is a lousy disease, yes it kills people, and yes, I wish it would be different, and nobody would die from it! But taking away something from the people and having people let it be taken away is a disgrace for all the lives lost in creating the free world we lived in just one month ago. Our ancestors died for their children to live better and freer lives. Being locked up at home because of fear of getting infected is purely egoistic. Get over the fear, people. Fear is changing humans into robots. Let’s understand and research this disease and let us find ways to live in a better future. I don’t believe a vaccine will help. Why do they offer yearly changing flu vaccines? These kinds of viruses change quickly. There is no guarantee in life. If you are looking for a guarantee, you might just be hiding your fear. We have our super-intelligent immune systems to help us out. Boost your immune system. Go out, get sunlight, do sports, eat WFPB, resolve your fear! Putting hopes into a vaccine shows a robotic, mechanical understanding of viruses and nature. This is something you might expect from an old and former CEO of a global software company putting his money into things not necessarily for the greater good but for an agenda. An awake person could know more. Don’t let fear dictate your actions! There are ways to resolve fears for good—no need for coping, suppression or ignoring. Become aware of yourself and then start to act 🤗❤️🍀…and do not believe statistics that don’t show the numbers of tests conducted. What you have been told to be exponential might very well be just a linear stable development.

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