Have you ever wondered why some people believe what governments are saying and others believe different things, which someone might call a conspiracy theory?

Conspiracy theory, the evil government or other powerful people could want to do something bad to all people. On the other hand, there is the government that cares lovingly for the people. In order to unite this with each other in thinking, more than just mutual blame is needed, namely the understanding of emotions.

From my point of view, this has to do with something a spiritual proverb describes as “what you resist persists.”

What does that mean?
It means that there are things in life which we do not like and therefore try to avoid or resist. We look for someone to help us. If it is not for our parents, the government should protect us…a little as our parents have protected us. Due to different mechanisms, what we resist and do not want to have in our world, manifests.

Why is that so?
If you resist something, you automatically do the opposite, avoiding a projected outcome. This behavior is picked up by someone else, and they also respond to it, typically helping to manifest exactly what you wanted to avoid.

Really? Need an example?
Many people are afraid of the pandemic. Because of the fear, they are looking for a man-made solution. Vaccination was chosen to be the savior. This savior needed to be available as soon as possible to reduce fear. This is picked up by government / regulatory officials who do want to help. Therefore protocols of vaccination safety, which have been created for decades, or data privacy and data protection protocols are changed to accommodate a quick solution. The vaccination is quickly created in record time.
After some time, it appears that this savior does not keep that promise of herd immunity, and the other promises do not look that good either.
Now comes the question of whose fault is it:
Is it the big bad government? Some conspiracy of world domination?
I don’t think so. I believe that these are connected coincidences based on the avoidance behavior pattern.

In this concrete example:
The vaccination was rushed because the government and regulatory officials wanted to help the fear and avoidance of the masses. Therefore researchers did not test it properly in animals and long-term in humans, and this is how many people have been used as clinical trial subjects. So now we experience the most probable in a clinical trial…that it fails.
In research, we know that most things fail, and we are delighted if something finally works.
Now, this clinical experiment is failing, and we are witnessing it…and again, many can not hold their emotions of disappointment and fear and therefore come up with explanations about the big bad government. If we have a story, emotions are not that tormenting. Emotions without a story are more painful.

What would I do?
Whenever I do not feel calm, peaceful, and emotionally light, I try to find the underlying emotion and use a set of techniques to release this upset.

Does that change the world?
No, the world still stays the same.

What does it do?
It changes my perspective of the world. It is easier to process what is happening with that different perspective, and the world becomes a nicer place to live in.
Yes, there is still a pandemic, but it is not that scary as if I also had my emotions tormenting me.

Can you know how this feels?
Sorry, No. There is no way for the mind to compute and project a future without these tormenting emotions. It is like being in another dimension. Just if you do your work, resolve your emotions, you can start perceiving this different perspective.

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